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If you don’t know already, Casey Hagen and I are literally best friends. She’s family to me, and the same goes the other way. She’s been there at the drop of a hat, and I know for a fact that she’d help me get rid of a body.

Well, in writing Balls to the Wall, I got to talking to her about her schedule and what she was writing. It turns out, she’s got a series coming out at the same time, ALSO taking place in Maine. Birch County, where all of my Romance stories takes place, is in Maine too, which you guys know. Then, our crazy brains got to thinking, we should have ANOTHER CROSSOVER

Our first crossovers are found in Cocky Corporal and Devious Wingman

So, we’ve got it all figured out, but because of the legalities involved with sharing intellectual property, we had to move our release dates to give the paperwork time to be handled.

Balls to the Wall & False Start will BOTH be hitting your devices in all of their glory glory on 2.16.21 False Start is a Roller Derby Romance and Balls to the Wall is the first in my newest Romantic Suspense series. 

I can’t effing wait for you to see how we’ve got this shit intertwined. So if you haven’t preordered them yet, get your asses over there and one-click them! 

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