Secrets Will Burn Your World Down.

Margot walked away from Birch County and put that entire life behind her. Life, love, and everything she knew was put aside, just like her nickname. What she never expected was to be summoned back by a friend in need.

Jake Findlay knew from the moment he laid eyes on Margot, when she was six years old, that she was going to be the bane of his existence. He was right. And there wasn’t a thing he could ever do about it. Especially when she comes back into town after tearing his heart out of his chest and stomping on it with her perfect little foot.

Margot doesn’t have time to adjust to her new life before chaos breaks out. Fire, murder, and destruction come to Birch County, and she’s the only thing they all have in common. When Margot’s life is on the line, the only people she can turn to are the same ones that she walked away from. Nothing is going to remain the same when this inferno is finished blazing.

The Series