Cocky Corporal

Corporal Cole Morgan is a cocky jerk.
He may have everyone else fooled, but I know better.
After my sister died, I was left to sort out her affairs and pick up the pieces.
30 days and then I’m on a one-way trip back to our hometown.
Back to my perfectly planned life.
Back to what family I have left.
Everything was going according to plan, too.
Until Cole, with his stupid green eyes, perfect hair and ridiculous good looks, ruined everything.
Including my panties.
One little fling won’t hurt anything … will it?

Casper Townsend is a pain in my ass.
I take one wrong turn, ending up with a head injury and an inconvenient little case of amnesia.
All of a sudden, I can’t report for my next duty station for 30 days.
That’s fine, I’m going to make it a month well spent.
Visiting my grandmother, since she feeds me.
Berating my business-savvy cousin, because why should I have to suffer alone?
My dirty little secret? I’ve upped my Peeping Tom game, spending every night watching the girl next door.
She’s accident-prone, annoying, and the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.
Casper might have brought me to my knees, but there’s no chance I’ll stay there.
There’s only one thing more dangerous than the chemistry we have together.
A secret that, if exposed, could burn everything around us to the ground.

The Series