Gotta Read Them All!

Birch County Blue


Birch Police Department

Balls to the Wall
Boots on the Ground
Bite the Bullet
Break it Down
Below the Line

Cocky Hero Club

Cocky Corporal

Surprise Goddess

Rise Like a Goddess
Out Like a Goddess
Down Like a Goddess
High Like a Goddess
Just Like a Goddess
Return Like a Goddess
Shine Like a Goddess
Twist Like a Goddess
Fade Like a Goddess
Blink Like a Goddess

Destruction of Magic

Before the Darkness
Path to the Key
Door in the Garden of Shadows
Prophecy in Blood
Light in the Darkness


Finding Her Dragons
Freeing Her Dragons
Using Her Dragons
Uniting Her Dragons
Caging Her Dragons
Craving Her Dragons
Kissing Her Dragons
Killing Her Dragons

Other Stories/Co-Written Projects

Nola Wars

Of Magic & Lies
Of Magic & Betrayal
Of Magic & Destruction

Gods & Magic

Cupid’s Curse

Limited Edition

Whiskey Tango
Cursed Beginnings