Return Like a Goddess

It’s a tale as old as time, finding that a goddess can change.

Evangeline Lewis walked away from life as a goddess, but that doesn’t mean her powers are gone. Far from it. Her life on the road has been filled with chaos, adventure, and every bit of freedom she didn’t have in Surprise. She’s perfectly content, or so she tells herself. Until she finds out that someone is abducting those who can’t protect themselves. Suddenly, the life she left behind is standing in front of her, and Eva doesn’t have a choice but to return.

Her investigation brings back those she abandoned, and the mistakes she made by leaving. Faced with her past, the future, and everything in between has never been more difficult. A world she’s never seen, and monsters she didn’t know existed stand in her way.

While Olympus is still reeling from her return, an invisible monster is creating terror in Surprise. Eva must find her place in a world where she no longer belongs, rescue those who have been taken, and somehow manage not to fall apart.

The Series