Shine Like a Goddess

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, which way will this goddess fall?

Life is almost back to normal for Evangeline Lewis. She’s finally found out who she is, where she comes from…and she’s got a plan to solve the mysteries left behind by the Titans. When they least expect it, a body turns up pointing straight at the Olympians. Eva is the only one who can solve it before the mortals do.

Snarky gods, monsters that won’t cooperate, and the seedy underbelly of Olympus are all pieces of Eva’s investigation. With a murder to solve and visions that aren’t giving her the entire picture, problems keep popping up without solutions.

Eva is left between a rock and an impossible situation with nowhere to go. Murder, mayhem, and new enemies that she can’t face alone all come together in the perfect storm. One wrong move, and Eva will lose her chance to save Olympus once and for all.

The Series