Twist Like a Goddess

A Goddess doesn‘t have to be perfect … She just has to be true.

Olympus isn’t the only refuge for the gods. In the face of everything she’s been through recently, Evangeline Lewis jumps at the chance to take a break from Surprise. Her idyllic vacation only has one problem…the gods and their drama have followed her. Not only that, but the resort they’re at is now in dire need of help … Help that only Eva can give.

Without her usual resources, Eva starts an investigation using only her powers and her brain to guide her. Not everything is what it seems, leading Eva into a world where she must use powers that she’s never explored before.

While Eva struggles to adjust, her world is turned upside down and her visions are put to a test. The other gods offer little to no help, and Eva is left alone to pull everything together. If she can’t, Olympus will be exposed and everything they’ve worked for will cease to exist.

The Series