Savage Crown

His world runs on money, sex, and hate.
Ruling his club with an iron fist.
Savage law is the foundation of the world he’s created.
I don’t know anything about Deacon James.
Except the way I need everything he exudes in my fantasies.
I know I’ll never fit into his plans.
His life.
But that doesn’t stop me from watching.
From craving the way he stares when no one else is looking.

She’s chaos and beauty rolled into one lethal package.
A hurricane that destroys everything in its path.
Including me.
She’s done it since the moment she stumbled into my bar.
I know I can’t keep her.
Alice Ortiz belongs to a different world.
A world where she doesn’t have to fight and kill for what she wants.
The men who wear my patch come first.
They always will.
But Alice… she’s under my skin.
A siren luring me to a death I can’t escape. 

The Series Coming Soon