If you don’t already know, I write Romantic Suspense. About cops. Hot cops. And the women that always manage to take them out at the knees. Pretty much all kinds of first responders, too. 

But, here’s the thing… It took me YEARS to figure out that this is what makes me happy. Seriously. Years. 

The first Romantic Suspense that I wrote came well before I knew ANYTHING about writing romance. I had a story, stuck in my head on repeat. And I was determined to get it out and onto the page. Kismet came out, in a huge gush. 

The story… y’all. The story still, even years after being written, guts me. 


What does that mean? It means that Kismet does NOT follow traditional romance rules. There are tough scenes. Hard to read moments, and a plot that makes you want to throat punch someone. The story is real, though. So real that it reaches down into the pit of my soul and I can’t change it. 

The heroine is strong, even if she doesn’t realize it. The hero is unlikeable. He’s too real. None of the characters are perfect. They’re not formed. Even as adults. They’re rough around the edges. But let me just say… I love them. I love them, and their stories. And their world.

Why am I telling you this?

Plain and simple, I want you to know why Kismet exists.

I also wanted to give you the chance to read the original prologue. A glimpse into the world that I hope you fall into and can’t escape. Because then … you’ll be right there next to me.

Every Romantic Suspense story I write exists in the same universe. All of them.
That means that Kismet and the rest of the books in the Birch County Blue universe exist side by side with every other story I write. And I have so many plans for that universe.

Bent – which is part of K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes world?
Yep – it takes place in Birch!

Cocky Corporal – part of the Cocky Hero Club?
Yep – it’s got characters from Birch in it!

Balls to the Wall – Part of the Birch Police Department Series?
Yep – this whole series is a direct continuation of the world I started with Kismet.

Now that I’ve harassed you and bombarded you with a ton of information, I’m gonna go. But not before I give you the link to check out Kismet and get your copy now, if you haven’t already read it. <3



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