I’m about to share WAY TOO MUCH information with you. But I strive to be as honest and open with you as possible, because why wouldn’t I?
SO – if TMI is something you hope to avoid- here’s the sum of it:
Ground Zero is moving by ONE WEEK to 10.31.21
ON TO THE TMI – which is the WHY of the move…
A few weeks ago, I had really horrendous pain. In my booty. I said to myself, “This is horrible. What IS this?” And ended up going to the emergency room. Where I learned that I had an abscess. Not on the skin or my cheek or anything. BUT IN THE UNMENTIONABLE AREA. You know the one. And they couldn’t do anything for it in the ER. I had to go to the surgeon. Where a ridiculously hot doctor got to cut open my unmentionables to get rid of the abscess. Cue embarrassment and not a small amount of pain. And also, an entire week of being not only uncomfortable all the time, but also practically LIVING on the pain medicine they gave to help. There it is… the long story of why Ground Zero is being delayed by one week. Because you all know me by now, and you know that I won’t release it until I’m absolutely sure it’s perfect.

Firefighters are My Dirty Pleasure

I'm furiously writing and revising Ground Zero, and I can't wait for you to read it, coming in a special release on 10.24.21. I'm just gonna spoil it for you now… It's Josh Harmon's book. Do you remember him? How does he make the jump from cop to firefighter? Well,...

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Who’s Hitting Below the Line?

TERI AND LOGAN'S STORY ISN'T THE END… Before you get your hands on Below the Line, I want to take a minute to explain some of the things you're going to see. Logan and Teri both went through Hell and back, before they were old enough to really know anything about...

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Update on Below the Line

In this last month, I've had a bunch of very bad things happen. First, my son was exposed to Covid on a monumental scale, in what has already resulted in positive cases. My son is immunocompromised, so this has been very stressful. Not only that, but my uncle passed...

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