I want to build a blanket fort and just grab my pillows and get comfy and hide out from the rest of the world. Instead, I’m going to crack open my laptop and write the next release.

Speaking of that, did you know that Dom Ortiz, the main character in Bite the Bullet, is afraid of flip flops (la chancla)? That and zombies. 

If you didn’t already, you do now! Oh – and Emma Hayes, Linc and Danny’s little sister, and one of Kennedy’s best friends, is the heroine. She won’t take no for an answer, and she’s determined to follow her dreams. I can’t wait for you to get their story. 

Make sure to preorder your copy here: 
Amazon – https://geni.us/BiteBulletamz
Apple – https://geni.us/BiteBulletapple
Nook – https://geni.us/BiteBulletNook
Kobo – https://geni.us/BiteBulletKobo
Google – https://geni.us/BiteBulletGoogle

Are You Ready to Get Boots on the Ground?

BOOTS ON THE GROUND IS NOW AVAILABLE-This is not a drill… I repeat, this is not a drill- I have had countless emails, social media messages, and even phone calls from friends and Fanavans who want to know about Kennedy and Linc's story. To the point that it gave me...

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Let’s Talk About Toxic People

One of my favorite things in the entire fuckin' world is when I come across something like I did today. So - I hope by now that everyone in my life knows that I own my toxicity. I'm a dick, that's always been true. But I was also raised in a completely toxic...

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Let Me Be Clear

Let me be clear, in case you didn't already know. I'm not the most social person. I like to sit at home with my books and my dog and my coffee and my things. I'm a homebody, and always have been. I'm not gonna just show up anywhere. Your house, a party, a social...

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