HUGE announcement today!
Absolutely massive. Okay, maybe not that massive.
I’ve gotten emails. I’ve gotten the messages. You all want to know what’s next after Logan and Teri.
Am I leaving Birch behind? 
Hell No. Just moving to a different department 😉
I’m super pleased to tell you that 
Ground Zero, the first in the BFD series, will be here October 24, 2021.
Why that date? Because I’ll be at the 
Tempted and Tantalizing book signing in Staten Island at that time… And Ground Zero is going to have a crossover in it with my favorite Maine author, Casey Hagen!
That’s right. You’ll see Galloway Bay alongside Birch County.
You can preorder your copy now.
There’s more information coming, and a bunch of exciting news about Ground Zero I’ll be sharing with you in the next few weeks (like an exclusive paperback option before it goes live) but for now, look at this 
That’s all for now. 
Don’t forget to preorder yours on your favorite retailer.


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