I don’t know about you, but Dom and Emma’s story is one that I’ve been on pins and needles for. Dom is the epitome of a family man, and one bound by an unseen code of honor. But Emma? She’s brash, determined, and willing to do whatever she has to in order to accomplish her dreams. And when the two of them collide? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before to put them on the page together. 

On a personal note, this story took a lot out of me, and in the middle of everything, my best friend and fellow author Casey Hagen, insisted that I drop everything. She and her family welcomed me into their arms and their homes and she gave me the shoulder that I needed and the space to breathe. I figured I should make sure you all know how much of a kick-ass human she is. I love her. 

Just like I hope that you all fall in love with Emma and Dom’s story in BITE THE BULLET



Do You Want a Sneak Peak of Below the Line?

Okay… are you ready for the first chapter of Below the Line? I'm warning you - it's NOTHING like the rest of the first chapters. Logan and Teri have a connection, twisted and dark, that lives in the secrets they keep… both for and from each other. That connection...

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New Series Announcement!

HUGE announcement today! Absolutely massive. Okay, maybe not that massive. BUT STILL. I've gotten emails. I've gotten the messages. You all want to know what's next after Logan and Teri. Am I leaving Birch behind? Hell No. Just moving to a different department 😉 I'm...

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Are You Ready to Break it Down?

CHLOE AND IAN ARE HERE! I can 100% honestly say that this book would not be here if it weren't for you all. The Fanavans. When I sent out the announcement about pushing the date, I thought for sure that I would disappoint so many of you that it gave me anxiety. But...

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