I don’t know about you, but Dom and Emma’s story is one that I’ve been on pins and needles for. Dom is the epitome of a family man, and one bound by an unseen code of honor. But Emma? She’s brash, determined, and willing to do whatever she has to in order to accomplish her dreams. And when the two of them collide? It’s unlike anything I’ve ever felt before to put them on the page together. 

On a personal note, this story took a lot out of me, and in the middle of everything, my best friend and fellow author Casey Hagen, insisted that I drop everything. She and her family welcomed me into their arms and their homes and she gave me the shoulder that I needed and the space to breathe. I figured I should make sure you all know how much of a kick-ass human she is. I love her. 

Just like I hope that you all fall in love with Emma and Dom’s story in BITE THE BULLET



Let’s Get Personal

I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about myself today, as long as you don't think that's too vain. I mean, it's my newsletter, so you should hear a little bit about me personally, right? I recently (like yesterday) had someone comment on Boots to the Ground,...

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I’ve got a bite of information

I want to build a blanket fort and just grab my pillows and get comfy and hide out from the rest of the world. Instead, I'm going to crack open my laptop and write the next release. Speaking of that, did you know that Dom Ortiz, the main character in Bite the Bullet,...

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Are You Ready to Get Boots on the Ground?

BOOTS ON THE GROUND IS NOW AVAILABLE-This is not a drill… I repeat, this is not a drill- I have had countless emails, social media messages, and even phone calls from friends and Fanavans who want to know about Kennedy and Linc's story. To the point that it gave me...

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